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Mobile phones  & transmission towers like mobile phone towers, broadcasting towers, overhead transmission lines, etc. constantlyemit hazardous Infra-Red(IR) radiations. These radiations penetrate one’s head and the level of penetration would depend on how close the person’s head is to the source of radiation. Studies suggest that the IR radiations can destructively affect the sensitive tissues and delicate organs in the ears, eyes, brain etc.   The ears may develop tumor in the auditory nerves. Especially the side where the Mobile phone is more frequently used. Delicate part of eye like Lens and Cornea can be affected. Effect on brain could lead to headaches, disturbed sleep, lapse in concentration, memory loss and irritable behavior. Physical disorders such as brain Tumor, Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease etc. Skintice Infra-Red Protection Chip (IRC) is made of special material that absorbs the IR radiations, thereby protecting the user from their harmful ill effects.   The IRC chip reduces the radiation by almost 99 percent and also enhances the battery life of the mobile.
Protect your device screen with Skintice Screen Guards which offer the benefits of being - Scratch proof. Protects the mobile screen from daily scuffs and scratches. Protects from harmful UV rays. Dust repellant . Click below for directions for applying the Screen Guard on your device. Direction For Application
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