About Skintice

Skintice is the coolest new way to make your digital lifestyle more exciting; allowing you to makeover your mobile and digital devices as an expression of your own unique identity. With removable, adhesive-backed, premium vinyl skins and covers that protect and personalize your electronic device at the same time. As a reflection of your unique identity. Your style. Your attitude.

Skintice. Be Younique.


Our products are totally customizable; they can be images from a large bank of images in our design gallery which the user can customize with text or special effects or even the use(s own uploaded images or artworks. Our design canvas allows you to resize. alter, and rotate any image you upload so you have the maximum creative control over the final result.


Skintice offers complete purchase flexibility to its customers. You can purchase a Full Skin for both the front and the back of your phone, or go for a Back skin for just the back of your phone and save on the cost. You can buy a new cover with a custom-designed wrap.


Clean removal with no residue, no mess on the device or the cover when you take off the skin or the wrap to replace it for a fresh new look to your device.


Skintice adds a protective lamination of your choice to all of the skins & wraps to protect the designs from getting smeared or smudged. The special lamination keeps your designs bright for years.


After testing with different materials Skintice has chosen the best of all the available print media. The premium vinyl contains micro channels to assure the customer of a bubble free application. Other features include 2-stage pressure activation. slideability and repositionability for fast and easy application. Initially the gumming is light for the customer to position the skin exactly in the right place over the phone. Once done, a slight pressure makes it adhere firmly and in a few hours, it gets fixed in place very strongly. This vinyl used for our Skins is laminated and precision cut to fit the contours of your device with cutouts for all buttons, sensors and holes so as not to obstruct any functionality of the device. Same vinyl is used as a Wrap on our Mobile Covers which are made of high quality plastic, and in case of Flip Covers come with a faux leather, foam-backed flip top. Our Covers are deliberately designed to be customized with wraps instead of direct printing as it yields the benefits of superior printing finish, all-round or 3D coverage with the design, catering to a much larger range of models, and allowing the customers to replace the Wrap for a new look on the existing Cover at a much lesser cost than a whole new Cover.